Your Perfect Guide To Fillers

In general sense, fillers are basically used for treating lines and wrinkles. However, it also depends somewhat on which filler you’re using, for instance, these can also be used to plump and define lips and fill hollow areas on the face. Some of the other areas where they work best are in restoration of volume to cheekbones or on cheeks to fill out the backs of the hands and make veins look less prominent. Inkarn has listed some different types of fillers that you can make use of to enhance your beauty. Also, you can have some your queries answered by reading below. Have a look:

  1.    What are Restylane and Juvederm?

Restylane and Juvederm are majorly sterile gels that consist of non-animal, cross-linked, hyaluronic acid (HA) and these are made in a laboratory. The best part is that HA is a natural sugar found in skin. And since these fillers do not contain any human or animal DNA, they have the best safety profile of all the fillers. When it comes to Juvederm, it causes less puffiness for the first few days after a treatment. And measuring both on the parameters of ease and comfort, it is also slightly smoother.

  1. How long these two last?

Now, when you consider the factor that how long do these last, these fillers usually last for 4 to 6 months. Their duration also depends on the area treated, your skin, and the injection technique. In some situations, duration of the effects can be a bit shorter or longer.

  1.    What time duration do these fillers take to work?

On majority basis, these are immediate but it can take a few days to “settle into” its final shape. And it usually looks better after a day or two. And you will indeed be surprised to witness the end results after application of these fillers.

  1. What are Perlane & Juvederm?

Both of these fillers are cross-linked hyaluronic acids. These are more dense or thicker as they have a high molecular weight. The company making restylane also manufactures Perlane. Such fillers are beneficial for injecting into areas where a denser filler is needed like a deeper nasolabial fold, or for volume in the cheeks. Both last approximately for 6-9 months. As is the case with other fillers, their consequent effect and lasting duration depends on which area they are being used.

  1.    Is repeated maintenance or treatments required for the fillers?

Of course, yes. These dermal fillers require maintenance 1-4 times a year depending on the filler used, the area injected, and your own particular body chemistry. And it is actually the duty of your provider that he gives you an estimate on this at your initial stage itself. To find the best one for you who guides you right, choose now with Inkarn.

Restylane Fillers

  1.    How much do fillers cost?

When it comes to Restylane and Juvederm, they are usually priced by the syringe. For instance, filling out the lines from the nose to the mouth will take one or two syringes usually. One syringe costs from $450 to $650 On the other hand, Perlane generally cost about $500 to $700 per syringe. You can find a dermatologist near you that offers the syringes at some pocket friendly prices with us

So, if you have skimmed the surface of the basics of the fillers, their types, cost and other related factors, make sure that you choose an experienced practitioner that offers the best of his experience to you. Book now with Inkarn.

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Lip Injections: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About It

If you are also one of those millions of women who fantasize about getting the perfectly shaped lips like that of Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson, you can definitely give it a shot. You can make your lips do the talking with the help of lip injections. The research team at Inkarn has jotted down a couple of facts that you probably didn’t know about lip injections. Let’s have a look:

  1. Do not look in the mirror for a day or two post treatment
  2. You might get a chill down your spine if you look in the mirror on the day of the procedure and the following day because your lips look humongous. These non-surgical procedures can be duly performed by dermatologists. And although a very small amount of filler might have been injected the swelling persists for a day or two. The best remedy in such situations is to drink more water or apply ice on the lips for some instant relief.

  3. A single injection doesn’t do wonders
  4. If you think that one sitting with the doctor would solve the purpose, then you are mistaken. These injections consisting of hyaluronic acid fillers have to be repeated a few times per year. Since every human body is unique, the absorption power of hyaluronic acid by each body governs the number of sittings so required. Since, you might need to repeat the procedure more frequently, be prepared with enough bucks. To find the best practitioner that offers the treatment at pocket-friendly prices, search with Inkarn.

    Lip Injections

  5. Filler Injections Take a Few Minutes
  6. It is a very simple process whereby the dermatologists and plastic surgeons need a few minutes to numb the area around your lips in order to prevent pain during the procedure. In all, it lasts for upto 30 minutes without you having to take an off from work or avoid any other important chores. It is clearly not an in-patient treatment.

  7. Lips Might Get Asymmetrical
  8. Although a rare sight, but you might come across a situation of lip asymmetry post the treatment. The main cause behind it can be that a bigger amount of the filler is located in one part of the lip than in the other. In such situations, the experience and caution so exercised by your dermatologist play a vital role in avoiding it. So, it is better that you choose an experienced one for yourself to avoid such consequences. Book one for yourself now with us.

  9. You can get the natural looking lips
  10. If you are skeptical of whether the treatment will fetch you oddly looking lips, then you can shun away from your worries. It is because the injected or augmented lips look akin to that of the natural ones given that you get yourself a quality treatment. So, it is advisable that you keep pragmatic expectations from the treatment and all you need to do is obey to what your doctor instructs. And it is better not to pay heed to the lips so shown in magazines or commercials.

So, you can actually do wonders to your lips with the right use of lip injections. Make sure that you are mentally prepared for the change. All you need to do is get yourself the right guidance and for choosing the best center that offers you the treatment, you can compare, contrast and then choose at Inkarn.

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Fat Transfer: Risks & Benefits

Another cosmetic treatment which is hailed as a natural, versatile, long-lasting, and safe is the fat transfer treatment. This treatment is now much in vogue to enhance the facial volume of those patients who are averse to traditional dermal fillers , for instance, bovine-derived collagen. We have listed down few benefits and associated risks related to this treatment which can prove vital in helping you make a decision. Let’s have a look:


  1. You can be completely tension free when it comes to developing an allergic reaction from this treatment. You can simply get your face volume enhanced with absolutely no chance of an adverse allergic reaction through this method.
  2. The duration of the procedure’s results is another popular reason for choosing the treatment. The theory so followed in this process is that  almost 65 percent of the injected fat usually gets reabsorbed into the body within a few months of the fat injection. And the remaining 35 percent usually stays for some years. In order to get the most effective results, you can choose to have several fat transfer treatments over the course of a few months.
  3. One of the best benefit of this method is that it can be easily combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as botox treatment, laser hair removal or a body procedure such as liposuction. Thus, this treatment does not pose any kind of hindrance in the normal carrying out of other cosmetic treatments. Also, it is a common notion amongst many patients that undergoing facial fat transfer in addition to one of these procedures is anyway more cost-effective than undergoing these treatments separately.


Although the chances of risks or complications under this treatment are minimum, however you might come across a few. Let us have a look:

  1. You might experience some soreness and swelling but this may not be the case with every patient. The major downside of this procedure is that your face or lips might simply reabsorb most or all of the fat injection. This completely varies on body types of the patients and the chances of this consequence can not be predicted. On an average, it happens with half of the patients who receive the injections.
  2. Another complication in line can be that you might turn out to be disappointed with the results of the procedure. It might happen that the the duration of the effect of the fat injection may not be as long as you like or your face may not react to the treatment the way it should have. So, it is always advisable that you consult with a cosmetic surgeon about every little detail beforehand only as your face or lips may not look exactly as you aspire for. To book the best doctor around you, check now with Inkarn.
  3. There might be rare but possible complications such as permanent discoloration due to a ruptured blood vessel at the treatment site, a distorted look if overcorrection is done, scar tissue or a blood-borne infection. So, you just cannot be sure of the after effects of these cosmetic treatments altogether.

In a nutshell, keeping in mind all the pros and cons of the fat transfer treatment, make sure that you make a wise decision of undergoing the treatment or not. And if you intend to, ensure that you have an experienced dermatologist to guide you in the right direction. Choose one for yourself with Inkarn.


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Microdermabrasion For Acne: Your Perfect Guide

If you are having acne, you will suffer differently than the others. While you may be more prone to blackheads, the one in your acquaintances may feel inflamed or come across red pimples or deep cystic acne on their face. Microdermabrasion for acne can help treat different types of acne and its associated benefits are insurmountable.

Not only for the treatment of acne, this technique is used to soothe the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and other skin related issues. Hence, you can consider this process as a viable treatment for other skin issues as well. Inkarn brings to you a fair insight into how this treatment deals with acne and its related problems.

    1. Does Microdermabrasion Bring Acne To The Surface?

You might be jolted to know that after this treatment, acne may get worse temporarily. Well, there is nothing to worry as it happens only because the cells get into the process of clearing out the waste products. This usually lasts for a week, after which you will witness a considerable improvement in your skin, its complexion and the density of the acne.


    1. What precautions should be taken before the process?

It is a general piece of advice that you clean your face with a gentle cleanser before your treatment. Furthermore, if you have the microdermabrasion devices by yourself, make sure that you clean them before and after the use and do not share it with anyone for hygiene concerns.

    1. Does Microdermabrasion Work For Acne Scars, Marks And Pits?

This process is capable of increasing the rate at which collagen and elastin are produced. The elements so present make the skin soft and contribute towards the healing process. So, microdermabrasion for acne scars is an effective method indeed.

    1. Does This Treatment Work For Active Acne?

Microdermabrasion should not be used on areas of active acne like white, pussy spots. It is because these areas are delicate and the process might cause the white spots to burst. This will in turn infect the crystals of the skin and hence spread the infection all through your face. In a nutshell, it is better not to use microdermabrasion for active acne as it can make your acne go worse. It is better that you wait and let the pus subside.

    1. Does Microdermabrasion Work well For Acne Scars?

As previously mentioned, this process encourages collagen and elastin production that help to decrease the appearance of acne scars by initiating the healing process of the skin. Therefore, there are minimal chances for new scars to form as the skin gets more supple.

    1. How much does this Treatment for Acne cost?

The cost of this treatment might vary as per the dermatology clinic or salon. On a general basis, the single treatment might cost you around $280. The best way to go cost effective is to buy a microdermabrasion kit for yourself.

But, if you are the one who is on a search for the best aesthetic center offering microdermabrasion for acne on a reasonable cost, check now at Inkarn. You can compare, contrast and then choose what’s best for you with us.

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Necessary Precautions After Botox Treatment

Botox treatment has grabbed all the spotlights due to its effective results. The treatment is now being a hit amongst all those who want to defy their age. And not only for the oldbies, it is now becoming the foremost preference of those who are suffering from problems like migraine or excessive sweating. Hailed as the ultimate remedy for numerous ailments, this process has garnered a special place for itself in the cosmetic world.

And if you are the one who recently underwent the process, it is imperative on your part to take some precautions in order to let the treatment do wonders for you.

Botox treatment

Inkarn has elucidated some factors that you should keep in consideration post the treatment to let your skin accommodate the medication right.

  1. Say no to medication that can thin the blood

Once you know that you are done with the last sitting of  the treatment, make sure that you stay aloof from medicines that can thin your blood. Medicines like Aspirin, Vitamin E, Ginseng etc. should be duly avoided for a considerable time after undergoing the treatment. This needs to be done in order to minimize any potential post injection bruising. Furthermore, bid a goodbye to alcohol as well to avoid any unforeseeable skin reaction.

  1. Say GoodBye to Sunshine

Avoid direct exposure to sun until the redness and swelling have disappeared. You should also refrain from sunbathing or heat lamp procedures to give the requisite time to the skin to heal.  Since, direct contact with the radiations of the sun might affect the treated area, it is better that you maintain your distance from going out in the sun until your doctor permits.

  1. Want to Work Out? Don’t even think!

Well, if you intend to workout after the process gets over, do not een think so. It is a big no to indulge in any kind of strenuous workout or exercising. It is because enough time is to be given to the medication to penetrate deep into your body. The sweat after workout hinders the penetration process by acting as a shield and it is better that you avoid it for  best results for at least 24 hours.

  1. Bothering the injection site

Facing some discomfort or itchiness in the treated area right after the procedure is obvious. But, make sure that you do not touch or rub the area because any external touch of yours might yield unwanted results. Since your skin needs enough room to adjust and recover from the treatment, it is better you avoid bothering the injection site.

  1. Lying down on your face

It takes at least two to four hours to for the injected area to recover from the botox treatment. And if in between that, you feel like taking a nap, it is better not to do so. Rather than taking the risk of lying down on your face while sleeping, it is better that you indulge yourself in some other chores to stay away from the thought of yawning away to glory.

Botox treatment

In a nutshell, holding true to the above stated precautions can help you yield effective results from the botox treatment. And, if you are the one who is still on a hunting spree for the right practitioner or aesthetic centre, we are here to help you make the right choice.


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Looking for Botox Special? We can help

Botox in the present time spectrum has become a rage amongst one and all. Ofcourse, who does not want to have a clear skin or who doesn’t want to get rid of maladies like migraines or excessive sweating ? Hailed as an all in one answer to almost all the questions, majority of the people tend to look for botox special on various portals or centres.

This basically implies that people nowadays, people tend to find out some cost saving coupons or offers on groupon to make the treatment pocket friendly. But what we ignore is that once we fall into the vicious circle of using these coupons, you just cannot be sure of the injectors that treat you every time.

Botox Treatment

Although these coupons are cost effective, yet it is always better to search for the best price rather than looking for the specials. In cities like New York, San Francisco etc. there are many aesthetic centers that abide by this new concept, making it a cost convenient deal for the prospective customers.

However, when you look for an aesthetic centre offering the best price for the treatment, you can definitely be assured of the quality so offred and also of the injector and his professional background. The major problem under the othr case is that you just cannot guarantee the treatment being provided.

We have tried to bring the best of the information to you, although the choice of going for the botox special lies upon you. And if you choose to go that way, make sure that you take a wise decision while selecting. Also, Inkarn is here to help if you are on a hunting spree for either finding the best price for this treatment or the best aesthetic center near you. We are just a click away.

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Find out how much does laser hair removal cost in New York ?

Agitated of the hair on your lower face, chin, stomach, back etc? Whatever be the cause, laser hair removal treatment is the best respite. Isn’t it?

One of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures in the U.S, laser hair removal treatment beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles, making the pigment in the follicles absorb the light. This absorption process destroys the hair.

Now since you have got a fair idea of what the treatment is all about. You must be wondering about the estimated cost of the treatment. And if you are planning to get this treatment done in New York, Inkarn brings to you a fair idea of the estimated cost of it.

It is an undeniable fact that the New York city never sleeps and never falls short of providing the best to the onlookers. And when it comes to offering any kind of cosmetic treatments or aesthetic help, the city is replete with as many places as one can visit.

Laser Hair Removal


And for the ones who have decided to get the laser hair removal, for instance of the lower face, the usual cost of this treatment in New York varies between the price range of $35 to $450. Similarly, the cost bracket for laser hair removal from abdomen lies between $49 to $1000.

On the other hand, the cost of the upper lip laser treatment varies between $20 to $450.

The costs of the treatment vary depending upon the brand value of the aesthetic centre, the kind of treatment being offered and also on the body part you want to get it done.


With a long list of centres in New York providing you the treatment, the responsibility of making the right choice swings on your hinges. Make sure that you make a wise choice.

And to browse the costs of other categories of laser hair removal or choose the apt aesthetic center for yourself, all you need to do is check our website which compares and contrasts several factors to present the best option for you.

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Inkarn Groupon or Realself, where can you find the best options for your next botox treatment

When it comes to looking beautiful and comfortable in your own skin, no one likes to compromise. Everyone wants the best in order to look the best. With a huge variety of cosmetic treatments making their way in today’s arena, we are more inclined towards them for enhancing our looks. Treatments like chemical peels, liposuction, laser hair removal etc. have now made it big into the hearts of the people.

But what has set a benchmark of its own is the botox treatment as it is magical and has indeed done wonders for many. From women having wrinkles and frown lines on their skin to men or youngsters having a saggy skin, from those suffering from excessive sweat in underarms to those having migraine etc., Botox has become the savior for all.

An all in one remedy: Botox has managed to become the part and parcel of most of the people. Botox involves the use of injections which not only help in improving the tone of the skin but also ensure that the affected area of the skin is duly improved.

And if you are on of those who have finally decided to get a botox done, you now might be in a dilemma as to which aesthetic center to choose? And who will actually guide you to find the best options for botox? Isn’t it?

You need not worry as we are here to help you. With several other websites claiming to perfectly guide you to find the best places for your cosmetic centers, Inkarn is round the corner to give you personal feedback of the consumers towards the aesthetic centers so listed. In comparison to Realself,  we strive to ensure that you are able to find the best center for botox in your vicinity along with a detailed view of the treatment.

Never compromising on the needs and expectations of the customers, inkarn is always there to guide you to find the best center for not only botox but any other kind of cosmetic treatment as well. So, what are you waiting for? You are just a click away from proper guidance to finding the best center for getting your botox done.

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Do you really need a Botox Groupon?

If you have used Botox in antiquity and that has been quite effective, then you must know that it is not easy to quit. Majority of those who try it, fall in love with its after effects. So, to most of the people, it does not matter to continue with their treatment  even during recession. However, there are many who are still on a hunt for a pocket friendly way to botox.

Yes, many have now resorted to use of Groupon and Livingsocial coupons to make their way to the treatment.  But are they totally beneficial when it comes to this treatment? And are you sure that you really need a groupon for the same ? Inkarn will help you find out.

Botox Treatment


You may end up with a very low price for Botox with a groupon coupon, but you just cannot ignore the associated problems. It might be a fault on your part if you are assuming that you are comparing apples to apples, because the case might be that of comparing the apples to rotten oranges.


With an assumed benefit of cost on Groupon, you will probably have almost no say about who is injecting you. Can you trust the injector? Is it the specialised injector or any random one so available? Are you completely unaware of the past record of the injector or did he just finish a month training course ? Are you sure that the teatment you are getting is the freshest so possible?

What you need to understand is that Groupon gives a discount on one treatment. But once you fall in love with it,  it ranges for 3-4 months, which will require you to get more injections regularly. And the problem is that if you actually like the Groupon injector, you will be astounded by the “normal” price so charged. And if you’re into this process for 3-4 months, then you may find inconsistent results with your injections, because you’ll never come across the same injector twice (hope you get this).


So, rather than being lured by the momentary pleasure of saving some bucks, it is imperative to comprehend the repercussions in the long run. And once you are addicted to it, you are caught in the trap but Groupon will not always rescue you in the right way. It is now upon you to find an answer, “Do you really need Botox Groupon”?

And in case you are looking for a good aesthetic center, we are here to help.

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How many Botox Units Do You Need?

It is an undeniable fact that every individual varies and the way their skin responses to every treatment is dependent upon the skin type and its tendency. Another factor like your gender, a strength of your facial muscles and the area to be treated also play a vital role in influencing the amount of botox you would need.

It can only be determined by a professional, but brings to you a fair idea about the same for your reference about how it works and its related cost.

BOTOX ® injections relax muscles causing a softening and sometimes even eradication in these strong dynamic lines leaving a softer, refreshed look.

Common Areas for treatment include :

  • Frown lines: 20 to 35 units/ about 6 injection sites
  • Forehead lines: 15 to 20 units/ about 5 injection sites
  • Crows feet: 6 to 15 units/ about 3 injection sites.

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