The surgical lip enhancing procedure by the use of Juvederm on the lips costs have attracted a lot of suspicion in these recent days. The costs are often related to the clients in such small amounts that they are unable to believe their ears and feel they are being conned. In this cosmetic surgery, it is important to remember that half the problem is solved when one is passionate about the procedure of feeling aesthetically more alive. The whole surgery will not feel too cheap to be believed if the client has already known some basic knowledge of the whole process before they get a surprisingly unbelievable shock at the clinic.


Today we will read about the various kinds of lip injections, their estimated cost and some myths that circulate around the cost of the Juvederm filler surgery so that it does not come as a new thing to you when you go to have your lip surgery done at any clinic.

The first thing we need to know about the lip injection surgery is that it just enhances the shape and the plumpness of the lips and makes it more appealing. The shape and symmetry of the lips can be made to give more glow to the face and its prominently attractive feature – the lips.

Secondly, the lip injections may be done in two ways which come as – temporary and permanent lip enhancements. The temporary enhancement is such that the enhancement is done with the use of soluble sugars which are scientifically called hyaluronic acids.

Thirdly, these do not harm the lips because they easily get dissolved in the body when their time limit is over. The permanent lips injections, on the other hand, are more lasting and stay in the body for longer. The sugars used often and most commonly for these procedures is Juvederm which is most easily available and not harmful for the body too.

Fourthly, the injection containing the compound is very less cheap than is usually thought of. So often the doctors when they tell about the price the clients go into a shock of not believing the said price.
The Juvederm lip injections come at affordable prices which is a truth. The

The fifth point to note is that the price range may for the amount of filler used and the doctor’s quote.

The Sixth point is that the cost of Juvederm lip injections may vary according to the specialty of the doctor performing this advanced surgery and is also dependent on the location. It is very important that you seek treatment from an experienced doctor so that there are lesser chances of Side-effects and negative results Juvederm.

The Seventh point is that if you live in a countryside which has lesser direct access to the metropolitan facilities then to the prices may vary from what is charged in the hearts of large cities where there are many doctors available to complete the procedure for lesser prices.

The Eighth point goes that the fillers and the injections used during the process need to be verified. The process of filling out of the nasolabial folds (the lines from the nose to the mouth) to take one or two syringes usually. One syringe for this process would probably cost from the estimated price range of $450 to $600. Perlane and Juvederm Ultra Plus – which are the thicker versions of available fillers – generally cost from about $500 to $750 per syringe.

Ninth point is that to treat the smile lines around the lips, the dermatologist may perhaps require one or two syringes of JUVÉDERM which may reach a cost range of approximately $450 to $600 on each syringe.

The tenth point goes that the finer lines – such as those closely around the lips of the mouth – may be treated with smaller doses of the same filler and therefore need less expensive syringes. Another filler often used is called Restylane. The cost of this filler also need to be estimated in comparison to Juvederm and then an informed choice should be made by the clients for themselves. The average cost for Restylane injections usually ranges from $350 to $800 per syringe. Some of the cost can be covered easily by insurance if the procedure is related to medical necessity and if you have health insurance for yourself. You can ask your surgeon about filing for the concerned insurance too.

The eleventh thing to be considered is that the Juvederm lip injections cost may seem more affordable to women who depend on immediate cash and less on the weekly money which they earn. Thus, the procedure though fully scientific yet does not scare the client out of the room just on the basis of its price.

Also, The twelfth point that must be known about using on the lips for sure is to how long does it last on the lips and later on in the body. For this concern, you need to be absolutely at ease because the filler stays on the lips for a time period of about four to six months at the best and may even last a month longer if properly taken care of. On the other hand, the same may also start showing imperfect injection into the lips and may bring out a lopsidedness to the lips with asymmetry and misshapen look.

In the case of this Thirteenth point, the client should immediately seek out the doctor and correct the imperfection. The dissolution of the filler before four months also should be checked by the doctor. It shows an imperfect introduction of the filler into the lips. As regards the time for which the filler stays in the body after its dissolution is variable. It must not cause much concern because being a soluble sugar it must be easily and quickly assimilated into the body. So the time though may vary but it still is not much to be bothered about. The doctor may tell you to increase your metabolism to get rid of the extraneous sugar more quickly.


The results of using Juvederm before and after the lip surgery can be easily verified with the look at the lip shape and the aesthetic appeal it provides to your face. Here then the Juvederm lip cost is not as much as is usually thought of about the cosmetic surgeries. It is affordable for women of all age groups and of all budget groups too. The lesser charges for the same procedure can be found out from our website itself from the link given. It would give you the result as you type for ‘lip injections near me’. So go ahead with the lip injection surgery, and feel younger and more attractive with the newfound confidence.