BBL Therapy

Meaning :

BroadBand Light (BBL) is an Intense Pulse light (IPL) device for treating sun harm, age spots, spots, little veins, rosacea, and skin break out. It can also remove  hair and give gentle skin fixing. The device conveys pulses of light and warmth to the upper layers of the skin.

How does BBL Work ?

The light energy conveyed by the broadband light will gently heat the upper layers of your skin. The heat absorbed by the targeted areas will stimulate your skin cells to recover new collagen. This procedure will restore your skin to its regular excellence, mixing its common hues and making it smoother, lively and more youthful looking. Moreover, the photothermal energy will eliminate fine vessels that reason redness and lessen undesirable melanin that produces pigmented sores.

Which Areas can be treated with BBL?

Any areas of your body can be treated by BBL, Pigmented Lesions, Age spots, Vascular Lesions, Small blood vessels, Acne, Skin Firmness, Uneven Skin Texture, Unwanted Hair.


✔ Face


✔ Hands


Side Effects :

The most common BBL Side effects are depending on the intensity and area of your treatment, there are initial side effects that lessen after a few days and healing.

  • Redness
  • Sun Damage
  • Bruising

Ideal Candidates :

Ideal candidates for BBL Treatment is safe for all skin types for desiring moderate, skin improvement without having to undergo injections or surgery.

Cost :

The averagecost for BroadBand Light (BBL) treatment is around $1600.

After Treatment Consequence :

There will be redness after BBL treatment that will resolve within a few hours. For some pigmented lesions, the darkening of the treated areas will start fading and flaking off at a later stage the treated skin will feel smoother.

Is Broad Band Light(BBL) Therapy Permanent?

BBL treatment with some permanent hair loss.  

How many BBL Treatments are needed ?

The number of BBL treatments needed will vary from patient to patient and your provider will personalize a treatment plan based on the level of improvement you desire.

Recovery Time :

Mostly BBL takes time to recover. Brown spots slowly scale off within 7-14 days.

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