What is Microblading?

The procedure is Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows tattooing near me that uses tiny needles that helps to set a color like a pigment under the skin. This procedure helps conditions like alopecia where there is a loss of hair in some or all parts of the body or just when you may need to fill an arch on the best eyebrow microblading to help create full brows. The color can be custom-tailored to the color needed to make it look more natural and real.

 “I dip the needles into pigment when I make every hair stroke, and I ask clients to sit and let the color sink in for a few minutes after I’m done drawing,” says NYC cosmetic tattooer. 

How long does a Microblading tattoo last?

Usually, on average, microblading lasts around one to three years and the experience is compared to “brow threading.” Most procedures may require a “touch-up” to obtain the desired results.

Although microblading can last from 12 months to 2 years there are some ways you can make it stay on longer for eyebrow tattoo. For example, stay out of the sun because it can lighten the pigment and avoid using products with exfoliants in them like glycolic acid and retinol products near the area of the procedure. The exfoliants will fade the color by lifting the top layers of the skin. If you do not return for future appointments to touch up the microblading, the areas where you had the procedure done will fade earlier than a year. Keep in mind that this microblade tattoo procedure can be compared to a semi-permanent tattoo and will fade with time. It will take about 2 years if you do not follow up with any more microblading procedures.

How much do Microblading services cost?

Depending on the provider, services microblading eyebrows near me cost can run from anywhere from 500$ to 2000$

What are some safety and concerns for Microblading?

Safety issues are similar to other tattooing techniques. Some common ones are color changes over time, misapplication of the pigment and discontent of the way the skin appears after the procedure. Serious complications are rare and as with other forms of tattooing procedures, there is a risk of transmission of blood-borne pathogens eyebrow tattoo near me and organisms so its crucial to check the provider has appropriate certificates and licenses to uphold the highest standard of training in that area.

What are some factors that rule you out as a candidate for Microblading and will be a disaster if you get the procedure it will be a disaster?

  • If you are taking blood thinners as they will cause excessive bleeding
  • Hemophilia as it will cause bleeding
  • Chronic Acne/ Oily Skin as the strokes will blur together
  • Deep wrinkles and the result will appear uneven
  • People who are prone to keloids or have thin skin
  • Rosacea or hyperpigmentation
  • If there was Botox injected in the area

Can you reverse Microblading?

There are a few ways that cosmetic tattoo near me microblading can be removed by a few laser treatments versus a regular tattoo. If you are unhappy with the results of a permanent makeup brows microblading procedure you do have to wait until the procedure heals before fixing and tailoring it to your liking.

Does Microblading stop Hair Growth?

  • No, Microblading does not increase hair count or add thickness to thinning hair
  • Microblading tattoo concealed by surrounding hair


“Bella Thorne proved the best eyebrow microblading procedure is minimally painful and her brows are now clearly defined”. For Bella, it was very effective reviewed by her aesthetician.
Lena Dunham described her experience of microblading as  “Less painful than a sunburn and utterly delightful”.