What is BodyTite ?

BodyTite is a  minimally invasive, scarless skin tightening and reduction of fat procedure that allows tightening and smoothing of loose skin without surgery or scars. It is comparatively expensive due to the cost of the technology and time duration of the treatment.

Which Areas can BodyTite Treated?

BodyTite can be used to reduce scar and tighten skin nearly anyplace on the body, including :

  • Abdomen
  • flanks (waist)
  • Thighs
  • Back
  • arms
  • knee areas

Benefits of Bodytite:

Bodytite offers many benefits :

✔️Skin Tightening- Instead of experiencing loose skin after the procedure, patients will experience more tightly skin by means of restored collagen generation.

✔️Better body contouring results- Because of the efficiency of the procedure, patients are less inclined to experience uneven results.

✔️Improved safety- The device is equipped with safety features to reduce the risk of thermal and heat wounds. Also, the procedure is unlikely to damage surrounding tissue or skin.

✔️Does not require general anesthesia .

✔️Fast recovery time — Because the procedure is minimally invasive and gentle, the downtime is minimal.

Side Effects of BodyTite :

BodyTite does have some potential side effects and complications include- uneven skin for roughly half a month following treatment, some minor healing and swelling and some minor redness and sensitivity in the area which can, for the most part, be controlled utilizing over the counter pain medication and will ordinarily disappear within a day or two bodytite near me . It is not helpful for those with moderate to severe skin laxity.

Am I a Good Candidate for BodyTite:

Patients who may not be Ideal candidates for traditional liposuction since they don’t have perfect skin elasticity are frequently good candidates. The best hopefuls are healthy, have moderate skin laxity and are inside 30% of their optimal weight. Regardless, abundance muscle to fat ratio proportion isn’t a need. The best hopefuls are healthy, have moderate skin laxity and are inside 30% of their optimal weight. Regardless, abundance muscle to fat ratio proportion isn’t a need.

BodyTite is not meant to eliminate loose, hanging skin and is not a substitute for body lifting procedures bodytite doctors near me, such as a tummy tuck or thigh lift. In general, BodyTite is likely a good option for you if :

  • You need a procedure with minimal downtime
  • You need a skin tightening benefit
  • You are in a good health
  • You are at a stable weight that you’re satisfied with

Can BodyTite lift the Breasts?

Yes, because of BodyTite procedure ability to tighten skin, the breasts and arms are areas where lifting can be achieved.

Is BodyTite safe?

BodyTite does it works as a brief, gentle and painless safe procedure

Recovery time :

The recovery time of Bodytite can be somewhere in the range of 1-2 days up to 10 days. No, BodyTite is not a painful procedure as it is often combined with Liposuction, therefore, anesthesia is required.

Difference between BodyTite and Liposuction :

Liposuction is a strategy that evacuates undesirable overabundance fat to form the body and smooth out irregular shapes. The specialist pushes the cylinder around to separate the fatty tissue, which is then suctioned out of the body utilizing a vacuum syringe.

BodyTite is a less invasive type of body contouring treatment which is performed with the help of Radiofrequency assisted bodytite liposuction technology. It additionally stimulates the generation of collagen underneath the skin, smoothing out the treatment region for up to 40 percent firmer, increasingly conditioned outcomes contrasted with traditional liposuction.

Cost of Bodytite:

The price range for Bodytite is normally $6000.

Results of BodyTite Treatment :

A Bodytite patient will see results after 6-12 weeks, you will return to your normal pattern of light activity.

Reviews :

As per doctors reviewed, BodyTite is an exception unlike other treatment utilizing radiofrequency to tighten and lift the skin.