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What is ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant?

The ARTAS system is a completely automated hair transplant procedure that utilizes specialized technology and a robotic arm to precisely extract and implant hair follicles into thinning areas on the scalp.It was made to eradicate the mystery & weakness related with manual handheld strategies, alongside the scarring, intricacies and downtime of existing intrusive careful procedures.

Suitable Candidates :

Those who are seeking for hair restoration due to thinning hair, bald spots or a receding hairline. Good Candidates should not have hair loss as a result of medication, stress, or medical treatment.


  • Faster
  • More Grafts
  • Precise
  • Efficient
  • Consistent
  • Less Likely For Errors


  • Only For Straight Hair
  • Only For Dark Hair
  • Limited Donor Sites

Does a Robot Perform the Entire Hair Transplant?

No it does not. The ARTAS robot can perform the follicular unit isolation and create the recipient site under the supervision of your hair transplant surgeon.

Cost :  

The Average cost of an ARTAS hair transplant is estimated at $12,000.

Do I have to cut my hair before the ARTAS robotic procedure?

Yes, it is recommended that you trim your hair short in the donor area for the ARTAS machine to successfully analyze, track and harvest the follicular units.