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Time to Unleash your Inside DiVa

A women body go through a lot over a lifetime- pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and lack of lubrication all of these changes can take a toll on women’s vaginal health. Earlier, talking about such issues was taboo. But today, there is a non-invasive and cost-efficient therapy that addresses changes in vaginal tissue related to natural aging, post-pregnancy tissue damage, and menopause symptoms.

Non-surgical therapy- DiVa Vaginal therapy

DiVa Vaginal Therapy which is a non-hormonal procedure that helps to restore the elasticity of the internal vaginal tissue. It improves vaginal dryness, increases comfort during intercourse, deals with the burning sensation in the vagina and improves urinary stress incontinence. At the time of treatment, a topical anesthetic may be applied to increase your comfort but is not necessary as it feels like a tapping sensation and not at all painful.

The estimated Vaginal treatment time is roughly 45 minutes – a 15-minute procedure following 30 minutes of numbing with a topical anesthetic. You don’t have to fuss over downtime after a DiVa session. You’ll be able to resume your regular activities, but patients should not introduce anything to the vagina for the first 48 hours following the procedure. You’ll experience slight pressure against the vaginal wall and increased sensitivity near the vaginal opening during the procedure. As compared to Hormone therapy, the recovery after the procedure is pain-free with no downtime. It is recommended to have a series of 3 treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart and may opt for maintenance diva treatment after twelve months.

According to Cancer specialists, Menopausal Hormone therapy expands the risk of blood clots, breast cancer, urinary incontinence, and stroke. While danger or side effects from DiVa vaginal rejuvenation are exceptionally low. These include gentle swelling, uneasiness, and discharge. If any of these issues do occur, they are temporary and ought to die down with two days.

DiVa Therapy is different from other vaginal therapies

The DiVa hybrid laser technology allows for individual according to age, symptoms, the shape/size of the vagina and the degree of atrophy. Whereas the other lasers only recover the top layer of tissue but the DiVa works both the top and deeper into the collagen layer. A disposable dilator is used to cover the laser to ensure utmost hygiene and no chance of cross-contamination.

DiVa Treatment cost is approximately $3500 for a series of three medications or $1300 for individual treatment. It offers dependable results that will improve the nature of vaginal tissue. The vaginal wall will thicken and become tighter, which has been shown to improve urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness.