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Meaning :

Best Electrolysis hair removal treatment┬áis the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal. It does require multiple sessions to achieve is a method of disposing of character hairs from the face or frame. Today’s medical electrolysis gadgets break the increased center of the hair with chemical or heat electricity. After a very excellent probe is inserted into the hair follicle, the hair is removed with tweezers.

“I’m Afraid of Needles – Will I be alright?”

Most people who are scared of needles and injections have no problem with receiving electrolysis treatment.Whil it is true that a really thin needle like device is so small that the skin is not even punctured.

Cost of Electrolysis Hair Removal :

Electrolysis treatment cost starts from somewhere around $350 to $900  the overall electrolysis cost is unpredictable, and may depend on the number of treatments.

Can Electrolysis give me Permanent Hair Removal ?

The FDA has even approved electrolysis is considered a permanent hair removal method, since it destroys the hair follicle.

How Long does it Take to Get Permanent Hair Removal?

You’ll need to have a number of electrolysis sessions over the period of least 12 months to achieve full permanent hair removal.

What are the areas of body can be treated ?

Electrolysis treatment can remove Unwanted hair from all areas of the body The common areas are the hairline, eyebrows, cheeks, sideburn area, upper and lower lip, chin, throat, neck, breasts, underarms, stomach, bikini line, feet, and toes.

How many Electrolysis Treatment will i need?

Many factors affect hair increase, so that you will need to go back for numerous electrolysis visits. The overall quantity of classes needed to remove hair permanently from a particular place will range from man or woman to character. Most clients return once a week or each different week as wished. But the undesirable hair will be long past all the time as soon as the series of remedies is complete. Each treatment lasts among 15 minutes and one hour.