12 Tricks To Help Completely Reinvent Your Look

Bored of the same old look of yours? Want to try out something new ?
So, why not transform yourself by certain simple yet significant hacks that can make you reinvent your look.

In today’s fast pacing world, change is inevitable. And it is always better to keep ourselves at par with the trends and acknowledge the need to change. And to bring out a remarkable change within your personality and outlook, all you need to do is try out some basic formulas that can turn the tables.

Inkarn.com has zeroed down on some very simple tricks to help you make a mark and undergo metamorphosis with the below stated tricks.

1. Botox Treatment –

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Still Apprehensive of the Botox Treatment?

Here is my experience

One night, i woke up in a panic from a bad dream. I was at my office looking like a 50 year old lady. My colleagues considering me a fun stock over the stark appearance of wrinkles, frown lines and crumpled skin of my face overnight.I still remember my girls around me whispering, “Oh God,what happened to her ? How did she get this old so quickly”

I also remember some of my friends gossiping about me losing the radiance of my skin and also about how I always try to hide them with tons of makeup.And this made jitters walk down my spine and I woke up.

The next morning, i approached my husband and asked him, “Do I look old ?”. My husband very hesitantly replied, “No! , you look good but…… except for few wrinkles on your face”.And my husband’s hesitant reply convinced me that I need something to help me look “younger”

Botox Treatment

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March Madness And Hair Madness With Keratin Hair Treatments

March Madness is arguably one of the most exciting, fun and the most followed college sports not only in the U.S.A but in the world. This is because it causes frenzy among fans and the teams involved. Basketball enthusiasts from different parts of the globe engage themselves for three weeks comparing brackets, the most valuable players, the buzzer-beaters and bet on who will eventually win the tournament. Besides March madness there is another madness which people with long hair deal with. We cannot help  you cope with March Madness but we can surely suggest things you could do to deal with your long hair madness.

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