Invisalign is a clear-aligner treatment that is a transparent, plastic form of dental braces used to adjust teeth.


The average cost is between $3,500 and $8,000.


i) Invisalign takes 12 months to straighten teeth although actual time will vary from person to person

ii) Invisalign would take around 12 weeks or 3 months to fill up the gap.

Common Invisalign Tips :

i) Wear them for a minimum of 22 hours per day

ii) Remove them while eating as hard food may damage the trays

iii) Wash them properly before wearing them back

iv) Change trays every 6 weeks

v)  Floss every day

vi) Maintain oral hygiene

Can you eat with Invisalign?

You’ll be ready for anything to wear your Invisalign clear aligners 20-22 hours a day for best results.

Can Invisalign fix spacing?

Yes, Invisalign can certainly close gaps in your teeth. Invisalign is kind of a miracle worker when it comes to fixing your smile in a short amount of time.

How long you need to wear them?

The time frame of wearing Invisalign varies from three months to two years.


Khloe Kardashian is popular for her character did Invisalign and now I have impressive pearly white teeth.

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