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Meaning :

Latisse is a remedy treatment used to develop eyelashes, making them longer, thicker, and darker. It is endorsed to treat deficient or insufficient eyelashes. It is not permanent, within two months of no use, your eyelashes will return to their original length.

Procedure :

    1. Before applying each night, ensure your face is clean, makeup and contact lenses are removed.
    2. Prepare the Applicator.
    3. Apply to Skin Using Applicator
    4. Blot Excess
    5. Dispose of Applicator.

Side Effects :

    • Eye redness or discomfort
    • Eye itching
    • Dry eyes
    • Watery eye or puffy eyelids

Cost :

Prices vary but the average cost is between $120 and $140.

Frequency & Maintenance :

After four months of treatment, most patients then will go into “maintenance” and use Latisse two or three times a week. After your lashes have grown for three to four months, you can maintain them by using the product every other day.

Does Latisse help eyebrows grow?

Latisse can be used to can help fill in sparse eyebrows. It may also make the hairs grow longer so be prepared to have to trim more.

Is Latisse a replacement for mascara?

Latisse does not work in place of mascara. Latisse is a solution treatment for inadequate or not enough lashes. However, mascara can be used on your eyelashes in addition to Latisse.

Can Latisse change eye color?

It may cause darkening of the eyelid skin which may be reversible.

Results :

Latisse will take time as 4 weeks and usually by 16 weeks.