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¿Qué es Microblading?

  • Modelado semipermanente de cejas.
  • Una forma de tatuaje cosmético

¿Cómo te importa Microblading?

  • Evite mojar el área hasta por 10 días, lo que incluye mantener la cara seca durante la ducha.
  • No uses maquillaje durante al menos una semana.

No rasques las costras, no hagas tirar o te pique el área de la ceja.
¿Cuánto dura?

  • Por lo general, dura de 1 a 3 años, según el tipo de piel y la rutina de cuidado de la piel.

¿Cuánto cuesta obtener Microblading?

  • Entre $ 700 y $ 800

¿Cómo se hace Microblading?

  • Es una forma de arte del tatuaje donde se implanta un pigmento debajo de la piel.
  • Se utiliza una herramienta de mano para crear trazos de cabello ligeros y tenues

¿Microblading detiene el crecimiento del cabello?

  • No, Microblading no aumenta la cantidad de cabello ni agrega grosor al adelgazamiento del cabello
  • Microblading es un tatuaje oculto por el cabello que lo rodea.

¿Cuánto tiempo se tarda en recuperarse de Microblading?

  • Sin tiempo de inactividad


“Bella Thorne demostró que el procedimiento es mínimamente doloroso y ahora sus cejas están claramente definidas”. Para Bella, fue muy eficaz revisada por su esteticista.
Lena Dunham describió su experiencia de microblading como “Menos dolorosa que una quemadura solar y absolutamente encantadora”.


What is Microblading?

In this procedure, you get a manual tattoo made with a dedicated tool that resembles a thin Exacto knife however isn’t a blade at all. Specialists arrange little needles so they can make little entry points in the skin with the device’s tip contingent upon the thickness and profundity of hair strokes they need to draw. “I dip the needles into pigment when I make every hair stroke, and I ask clients to sit and let the color sink in for a few minutes after I’m done drawing,” says NYC cosmetic tattooer. Price of microblading: $400 to $1,40

How do you care for Microblading?

  • Avoid getting the area wet for up to 10 days, which includes keeping your face dry during a shower
  • Don’t wear makeup for at least a week
  • Don’t pick at scabs, tug, or itch the eyebrow area

Does Touch up Required:

Yes, usually four to about two months after your first appointment. “By and large it takes two sessions to get the full effects,” says Wolosky. There are a number of factors if you’re anemic, your body may use iron oxide in the pigment as a supplement and the tattoos will fade faster, she says.) On your second appointment, an artist may go over original strokes to darken them for a customer, change the shape, or develop sparse brows by layering more slender strokes in between

Is Microblading Safe?

Even if your skin is healthy, Regardless of whether your skin is solid, you have to do your due diligence to find a skilled and reliable eyebrow artist. Recently, a women went through three days in the hospital because of complications from microblading. A few days after appointment, her brow area grew red, painful, and swollen. She was eventually taken to the ER for antibiotics and steroids.

How Long does it last?

One to two years. “If you don’t touch them up again after 12 to 18 months, they’ll eventually completely fade away,” or depending on skin type and skincare routine of eyebrow pigmentation.