Meaning :

Rhino means nose and plasty mean to shape, mold, can be used to make the nose smaller, reduce the bridge of the nose, narrow the nose and shape specific portions such as the tip of the nose or nostrils.
Rhinoplasty may be cosmetic or reconstructive but most procedures have elements of both. Almost all rhinoplasty procedures are performed under general anesthesia or heavy sedation, according to the needs.

Types of rhinoplasty:

Closed rhinoplasty typically describes a procedure in which all incisions are carefully hidden on the inside of the nose. Open rhinoplasty involves a small incision across the columella.

Risk :

    • Infection
    • Excessive bleeding
    • Bruising

Recovery time :

It takes around 3 – 4 weeks to recover.

Suitable Candidates :

  • A person with over large nostrils
  • At least 14-16 years of age

Benefits :

    • Facial Symmetry
    • Improve Breathing

Cost :

  • Average cost ranges from $2,879 – $10,200.

Reviews :

Popular celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Ashlee did a rhinoplasty reviewed that nose look natural and refined.
A patient reviewed, “Every time I look at myself in the mirror I smile and thank you a million times. The results look so natural and I’ve received so many compliments that it has made me very confident and comfortable in my own skin”.

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