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As mid-year moves around, it never comes up short that people become inspired to get their “late spring tan on”. Since people are so centered around getting tan, they disregard to play it safe to guarantee they are securing their skin.

While it is essential to apply sunscreen before your skin shows up to the sun, doing this by itself can’t shield your skin from being hurt by bright beams. Additional time, despite everything you may see negative outcomes on the zones that have been uncovered. The sun presents one of the biggest dangers to the skin since overexposure can prompt various negative impacts including spots, staining, and much malignant growth.

Whether sun exposure has triggered sunspots or led you to get premature wrinkles, there are numerous processes that can be accomplished to restore color and hydration for your pores and skin. If you’re interested in a simple procedure which can assist revitalize your skin, you want to get a chemical peel, which improves the pores and skin’s texture and radiance. A few weeks following a chemical peel, however, you will be more sensitive to the sun or irritants within the air or needs skin care for sun damaged skin.

If your skin damage is extra severe, you may want to pursue laser skin resurfacing the best treatment for sun damage. This method improves the color and texture of your skin, which in turn gives you a younger and more healthy appearance, and provides faster results than other procedures.

It has some Side Effects also like bruising, swelling, itching, burning sensation, tightness, scarring, and infection. The effects are usually long-lasting, so you can expect a greater permanent solution if that is the route you pick out. As the chemical peel, you may be more sensitive after this procedure and need to take extra precaution when spending time outdoors.

Get Rid of Sun Tan and Dark Spots

Dermatologists have several options to treat and remove sun tan and dark spots on the skin.

Chemical Peels

An in-office chemical peel can be an excellent way to send your dark spots packing in which you can peel off dark spots. A chemical peeling agent is applied to the skin for about 10 minutes and then it’s removed suntanning. Depending on your skin type and the level of peeling recommended for your skin issues, the peeling agent could contain an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid, such as lactic acid for dark spots, salicylic acid or best glycolic acid peel ) or a deeper level peeling agent such as TCA (trichloroacetic acid).

Downtime: Expect the skin to be red and peeling for about 1-3 weeks post procedure. You will also need to avoid sun exposure as the skin is peeling, as the skin will have increased photosensitivity.


Numerous magnificence enthusiasts love microdermabrasion (Microderm, for short) medicines, as they can be unwinding and spa-like. Amid a microdermabrasion session, a skin authority will delicately expel your top layer of skin utilizing a specific instrument that sheds the top layer of skin, evacuating sun spots, discoloration, and some skin breaks out scars.

Downtime: Expect slight redness on the skin for about 24 hours after the procedure.