What is Dermaplaning ?

Dermaplaning is a non-traumatic method of skin rejuvenation. This is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently remove the layer of dull, dead skin cells and vellus hair in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. It can be used as an alternative to laser treatments and microdermabrasion or along with them for an enhanced result.

Dermaplaning is Painful ?

Dermaplaning is really a standout amongst the least difficult approaches to remove facial hair and dead skin- particularly when compared with other hair removal systems like sugaring, threading, and waxing.

Think about it: shaving your underarms isn’t painful, so for what reason would shaving your face be painful? Many individuals depict the sentiment of dermaplaning as a delicate tickle or brushing sensation.

Candidates for Dermaplaning Skin Treatment ?

Dermaplaning is suitable for all skin types candidates aside from those with acneic skin. In the event that you have profound cystic skin inflammation, hold up until breakouts are clear before attempting this treatment. As usual, additionally, talk about any allergies or skin sensitivities before beginning treatment.

Benefits of Dermaplaning :

✔️Dermaplaning is particularly compelling on those with the dry or dull skin surface and limits shallow skin break out scarring or uneven skin tone.

It is likewise advantageous for develop skin, which will in general have a development of dead cells as cell turnover backs off with age. Dermaplaning is alright for pregnant or lactating customers who can’t have chemical peels.

✔️Fast and immediate results – your skin will look soft, fresh and clean immediately after the procedure.

✔️No downtime after the procedure, you will be able to walk out  and head directly to work

✔️Gives immediate skin tightening and collagen generation

✔️Helps skin to look more youthful and new

✔️Does not cause hair develop back darker or thicker

Side Effects :

As indicated effects by a dermatologist, the last outcomes are bad on the individuals who have extreme facial hair. It leaves the skin sore and blushed.

How is a Dermaplaning different from a peel ?

Dermaplaning is a manual process that does not use acids or enzymes to remove dead skin cells. That visibly shed skin after your service, while Peels can result in dramatic peeling in the days following a service. Although, the combination of dermaplaning and a peel leaves the skin revived. Together they advance new skin development and target issues, for example, maturing, sun spots and ecological harm.

What should I expect during my service ?

It is a painless treatment that includes deep cleansing, in the form of dermaplaning followed by restorative treatment and finished with skin care suited to your unique skin. Dermaplaning has a similar sensation to close a shave which removes vellus hair and dead skin cells simultaneously.

How long is the treatment?

Dermaplaning takes time around 30 – 45 minutes.

Cost :

Dermaplaning cost range from $75 to $150 and up.

What should I expect after my service ?

You’ll immediately look more radiant with an evener skin tone and texture with dermaplaning. While the main objective of this treatment is exfoliation, the immediate removal of peach fuzz is an added benefit which renders the skin exceptionally smooth and soft.  Skin care products are better able to penetrate the skin following a dermaplaning service which allows them to work more efficiently.

How should I care for my skin after a dermaplaning ?

After a Dermaplaning treatment, your skin needs time to heal and restore. Treat the skin gently, using only hands to cleanse for at least 2 days and wearing sunscreen every day.

Will my hair grow back thicker and darker ?

No, dermaplaning will not alter your natural hair growth. As we remove the vellus hair we are cutting it at the thickest part of the hair follicle so it may appear thicker or darker for a brief period of time.

Results :

​Dermaplaning is regularly accompanied with a facial and special growth serum including vitamin A and C can be added after your procedure to help keep up your results and make your skin look more youthful, more tightly and progressively wonderful.