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Still Apprehensive of the Botox Treatment?

Here is my experience

One night, I woke up in a panic from a bad dream. I was at my office looking like a 50-year-old lady. My colleagues considering me a fun stock over the stark appearance of wrinkles, frown lines and crumpled skin of my face overnight. I still remember my girls around me whispering, “Oh God, what happened to her? How did she get this old so quickly”
I also remember some of my friends gossiping about me losing the radiance of my skin and also about how I always try to hide them with tons of makeup. And this made jitters walk down my spine and I woke up.
The next morning, I approached my husband and asked him, “Do I look old ?”. My husband very hesitantly replied, “No! , you look good but…… except for few wrinkles on your face”.And my husband’s hesitant reply convinced me that I need something to help me look “younger”

Botox Treatment

I took a day to comprehend as to what should I do next. One thing I was definitely sure that I am going to find a solution to this problem no matter what.
You won’t believe me when I say that I almost went through 100 pages of the search engine to find various alternatives to this. I found a list of aesthetic centers with prices each of them was offering on www.inkarn.com. Finally, after a whole day of brainstorming, I zeroed down to undergo a Botox Treatment.
Having read a lot about the treatment, I was still skeptical about its consequences and was also not sure whether I should go for it or not. However, I was adamant over the fact that I have to do something about my aging skin and this was indeed a good and last resort. I asked my best friend for the suggestion and she scared me when she said, “Dear, what if the treatment backfires and are you completely aware of the botox injection side effects? You will look even more miserable than you look now”.
Her mixed yet bitter retorts made me think by myself, “I am going to get it done. And let’s hope for the best.”
The very next day, I studied in and out about the treatment and went on a hunting spree for the best treatment available nearby. I shortlisted a few and finally found the one spot with maximum good reviews of the customers.
Botox Treatment
I underwent a botox treatment with an innate aim to refurbish my skin. Post the treatment while talking about the uses of Botox injections, my doctor recommended me some precautions while stating, “Please be patient as it is not an instant miracle, let the treatment sink into your skin and you will definitely find a good change”. His words made me feel confident and a bit elated.
Four weeks later, when I looked at myself in the mirror, I shrieked out and said, “Wow”, it’s a miracle”. I felt so good about myself and finally, the treatment indeed did wonders for me. And the changes in my skin before and after the botox injection were quite evident.
And the next day when I went to my office, my colleagues had nice compliments for me. I am a believer. The Botox works!