Understanding Chemical Facial Peels

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A chemical Facial peel refers to an aesthetic treatment procedure that involves the removal of damaged outer skin layers using alpha hydroxyl acids(AHA),  phenol or trichloroacetic acid(TCA). Chemical facial peels can be classified into various categories including Light chemical peels, Medium Chemical Peels, Deep chemical peels, and Acne Chemical Peel. This aesthetic treatment is used for skin beauty enhancement, skin peel for scars, smoothening. Chemical Facial Peels are very effectual in treating wrinkles, uneven skin pigmentation, facial blemishes and removing the pre-cancerous growth.

Best chemical peel Candidates

Chemical Facial Peels are Ideal for candidates with light hair and fair skin. Generally, anyone who feels unsatisfied with their facial skin appearance can use chemical peels to improve how they look. Nonetheless, chemical Facial Peels are not good for patients who smoke. For more effective results, patients must have perfect physical health, have reasonable expectations of the results and have a clear understanding of the involved procedures.
Although chemical peels are highly effective in improving skin texture, eradicating age spots, eliminating sun damage, smoothening wrinkles and alleviating acne it is imperative to consult your doctor before using them. Some chemical peels work well for some people but backfire for others. The good thing about consulting your doctor when contemplating using chemical Facial Peels is that he/she will recommend whether you need light, medium, deep or acne chemical peels for maximum effectiveness.
It is worth mentioning that chemical peels candidates may require sedation before the procedure, should wear sunscreen and expect either a quick/slow/long recovery period

Medical Considerations for Chemical Peels

Chemical Facial Peels candidates are highly discouraged from smoking for several weeks before and after the procedure. Chemical peels are also not ideal for those with skin infections, keloids or patients under acne medication such as Accutane. Other medical considerations include heart disorders, asthmatic issues, and skin cancers among others.

Cost of Chemical Peels

Different types of chemical peels command varying prices depending on their respective States and doctors. It is possible to get light chemical peels at a cost of $150 while deep chemical peels can cost you a staggering price range of $600-$900 in the current market.

Benefits and side effects of Chemical Peels

Benefits of Chemical peels include a rejuvenated facial appearance, even pigmentation, reduced wrinkles, reduced blotchy patches, radiant facial skin, and improved self B confidence/self B esteem and enhanced skin beauty.
Despite their valuable benefits, Chemical peels can also devastating side effects such as changed skin tones, infections, scarring, reddishness, cold sore outbreaks, serious swellings and long recovery periods.

Best Prices on Chemical Facial Peels

Average prices on Chemical Facial Peels range from $600-$900 in the United States, while in some regions it can cost from $150-$900.
In conclusion, there is wisdom in consulting your doctor before using any type of chemical peels for your own convenience and safety.