Which Laser Hair Removal is best for my Skin?

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As the numerous benefits of laser hair removal continue to become widely known, it is increasingly becoming the preferred hair-removal method for a huge number of people. However, before considering laser hair removal, it is vital to know which type of lasers work for your skin type and are safe and effective for your specific skin type.

This is because not all lasers work on all skin types.

The following are the six skin types:

Skin type 1:

This skin type is extremely pale, Caucasian skin. It is highly sensitive to sun exposure and it is susceptible to sunburns. It is associated with western white people from especially from North European or Scandinavian regions.

Skin type II :

This skin type is fairly Caucasian and is very sensitive to sunburn and tans slightly. It is associated with people of European descent, for example, German or English. The difference between this skin type and type 1 is that this one tans unlike type 1.

Skin type III:

This is moderately fair skin that is associated with the Mediterranean and Caucasian descent. It is sun sensitive, it burns sometimes and it tans easily to light brown. It is the most common skin type in North America.

Skin type IV :

This is medium-fair skin type. This skin type is associated with Middle-Eastern or Asian descent and Hispanics. This skin type minimally sunburns and tans very easily to brown.

Skin type V :

This skin type is medium dark or olive in tone and is associated with African Americans or North Africans. It is brownish and darkens when exposed to sunlight. This skin type rarely sunburns and it tans very easily.

Skin type VI :

This is deeply pigmented dark brown or black skin that can darken further when exposed to extreme sunlight. This skin type is rarely sun sensitive and never burns. It is connected with African descent.
A few years ago, laser treatment was only done on people with skin types I-IV.
But with the advancement in technology, laser treatment can be done on any skin type. Here are the different lasers used for hair removal:

Nd: YAG Laser :

This is the preferred hair removal system for dark-skinned people. This is because it has weaker melanin absorption. Melanin is the dark pigment in both skin and hair. Some layers cannot easily detect the difference between the melanin in the hair and the melanin in the dark skin. This, therefore means that they can easily injure the skin. This laser is designed to easily penetrate the upper layers of the skin that has high levels of melanin.

Alexandrite laser :

This laser treatment is suitable for the olive skin type. This machine has a longer wavelength making it desirable for a wide range of skin tones. However, it is not commonly used for skin types IV, V and VI because it can cause hyperpigmentation and blistering.

Diode Laser :

This is the newest and widely used laser hair removal machine in the world today. In fact, it is considered the gold standard by practitioners in this field. It is designed for use on fair to medium skin types. Taking your time to read and understand the different types of laser treatments and the right treatment for specific skin type will enable you to find the best specialist and will lead to better and safer Laser Hair Removal results for you.